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Uptown Flats Rental Criteria

Uptown Flats has maximum income limits. To qualify for occupancy, your annual gross household income must not exceed the limits shown below*:
Household Size - Maximum Annual Income

    1 Person $57,550
    2 Person $65,750
    3 Person $74,000
    4 Person $82,200
    5 Person $88,800
    6 Person $95,350

*These limits are subject to change and are based on annual information provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Your household income must also meet the minimum income requirements for Uptown Flats. Minimum verifiable gross annual income per household must not exceed 30% of the monthly market rent of the applicable apartment home. Therefore, the following Minimum household income per apartment type is required:

    $37,400 1BR Apt.
    $43,200 2BR Apt.
    $52,700 3BR Apt.

Credit checks and criminal background checks are required for each adult household member 18 years of age and above. Consistent rent histories are required if previous rental history(s) exist, and if applicant(s) are relocating from rental housing, satisfactory references from prior landlord(s) are also required.

A $35 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee is required prior to processing an application. Completed applications are generally processed within 72 hours.

Each adult household member must be a citizen of the United States or a legal or authorized non-citizen to reside at Uptown Flats. In processing applications for residency, each household member eighteen years of age or older must provide proof of legal resident status by producing one of the following forms of identification; Social Security Card, Resident Alien Card (1-551), Employment Authorization Card (I-668A), Employment Authorization Documents (I-668B or I-766), Temporary Resident Card (I-688), Fee Receipt (I-689), Arrival/Departure Record (I94), Re-entry Permit (1327) Refugee Travel Document (I-571), US stamps on passports, INS computer printed fee receipts. In addition to the above, a criminal background report, prior to landlord references, and a credit check must be obtained for each adult occupant.

Criminal Background:If the applicant's history includes crimes of physical violence to persons or property, or other criminal act(s), which indicates that the applicant's tenancy would pose a direct threat to others, or which would adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare of other residents, the applicant shall be rejected. An applicant is eligible if he/she has maintained a clean record for a minimum of seven years.

Prior Housing History:One year, non-relative, verifiable housing rental history required per applicant. Rejection if a prior landlord indicates applicant caused damage to a rental unit, or if landlord(s) provide information that applicant has been late or had payments returned (NSF) two times within that one year time period. Or, has failed to fulfill the lease term and/or was evicted, or violated other lease provisions. In the event that no household member(s) has verifiable prior housing history, the other qualifying criteria referenced herein may be relied upon to make the approval decision.

Credit History:An applicant shall be rejected if the credit report includes unpaid non-medical judgments, unpaid collections or a bankruptcy that has been discharged for less than 12 months.

Employment History:If income is derived from this source, must have most recent, consecutive, three month's verifiable income history.

Occupancy Limits:Maximum number of two persons per bedroom plus one additional child up to one year old per apartment.

Lease Term:12 month lease terms only.

Security Deposit:$300.00

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